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We now have GiS-BasePac embroidery software version 8 which allows for technical embroidery, as well as sequence To make your new items that will stand out.

GiS BasePac 8 Software Options
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Gis BasePac Manual

Colour Blending
Creative use of colour blending offers a whole palette of colours by using only 1 shade of green and yellow.

Using the same macros with varying parameters leads to completely different effects. Placing macros on curves or area is done like a child's play.

Drawing and Auto Tracing
The contour lines of scanned images are transformed into drawing or punching outlines automatically. You can add the lines needed for embroidery demands using the drawing tools. The full scope of creativity remains to the puncher.

Wavy Step
Complex areas will get a natural look with wavy step. You can create interesting fill effects with low stitch counts using a loose density. Working creatively is simplified by easy input methods.

Stencils on turned step stitch areas result new astonishing effects. You can enlarge the stencil library by creating your own fill patterns.

Easy Designing
Input of text directly on any curve, the distance and direction to the curve is adjustable. Changing the envelope of the monogram an even of each single letter is made quickly and easily. There is no limitation to the creative design of lettering.

You can import True-Type Fonts and fill them with satin or Step-stitches. Connecting the True-Type letters at the closest point or and chosen point. Additionally, there are a large number of hand-punched fonts included.

Stitch Quality
Amazing colour effects can be achieved with variable density, also in wavy or turned step stitch areas.

Import of pixel or vector-data
Punch designs can either be scanned or imported directly as drawing data (.dxf and .wmf-files).

Punched contours are taken directly from the drawing and can be filled with variety of stitch effects. The streamlined user interface allows you to work efficiently and to concentrate on the essential parts. 3-D Display in original thread colors on cloth samples gives you a good impression of the ready-made embroidery.

Stitch-data-designs, for example from design collections on CD can be controlled, modified, put together and changed in size with the Editor.

ACE - Automatic Computed Embroidery
Converting clipart and scanned images into embroidery automatically by a simple mouseclick. You do not need special punching experience. Adding lettering is as easy as importing existing designs. So you can create stitch data for a small series of samples. The punching data can be modified with the punching tools.

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